TOFU Mini Handheld Portable LED Camera Lamp

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Introducing the SIDANDE TOFU 6W RGB LED camera lights - the perfect accessory for all your creative Vlog and video lighting needs. With 21 kinds of light effects and HSI 36000 full-color capabilities, this camera light is ideal for photographers and videographers who want to add a unique touch to their work.

The SIDANDE TOFU 6W RGB LED camera lights feature 60 lamp beads, which emit a powerful and adjustable light output of up to 6W. This camera light is powered by a 1600mAh battery capacity that provides long-lasting battery life, making it perfect for outdoor and on-the-go shoots.

One of the best features of the SIDANDE TOFU 6W RGB LED camera lights is its mini and portable size, measuring just 76x70x32mm. This makes it easy to carry around and set up wherever you need it, whether it's on a tripod or handheld. Additionally, the camera light is adjustable in color temperature, allowing you to customize your lighting to your desired setting.

This camera light is packed with 21 kinds of light effects, including flash, color jump, and color gradient, to create the perfect ambiance for your shots. With HSI 36000 full-color capabilities, you can easily achieve a wide range of hues, from warm yellows to cool blues, and everything in between.

Overall, the SIDANDE TOFU 6W RGB LED camera lights are a must-have for anyone looking to create professional-quality videos and photos. With its compact size, adjustable color, and impressive range of light effects, this camera light is perfect for anyone who wants to take their creative work to the next level.

Size 76x70x32mm