WindScreen Sun Protector

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Efficient protection.

Summertime, the inside of cars is absolutely unbearable because of the

heat. Do not make any understanding of your comfort thanks to the sun

visor. SunProtect and protect effectively the interior of your vehicle.

Its design prevents UV rays from penetrating. The interior of your car

remains cool and breathable.

Windscreen Sun Protector

Installation in a flash

Install your SunProtector sun visor in just a few seconds using the

suction cup attachment system. Its fully retractable accordion design

makes it compact and allows it to be closed with a single movement.

Protect yourself and your family from high summer temperatures.

Safe Driving.

The SunProtector does not interfere with your driving in

any way. It retracts fully and does not obstruct visibility. Place the 

first suction cups on the windshield on the passenger side. You will not

be disturbed in any way by its presence.


Its 60 cm width gives this sun visor excellent adaptability. Standard size,

it fits all cars regardless of the model. Get the best possible protection

against heat at SunProtector. This accessory is a must for the summer



Dimensions:60.0 x 155.0 cm
Weight:1 kg (2.5 lbs)
Matter:ABS + Aluminium alloy
Contents:x1 retractable sun visor SunProtector