Smart Wine Power Aerator

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Love the Full Flavors of a Perfectly Aerated Wine?


Check out our brand-new and most innovative electric wine aerator to ever hit the market.  This item brings you this awesomely elegant, incredibly effective way to aerate your wine to perfection!

Each wine has a flavor profile of its own, and aeration is critical to achieving the flavors carefully crafted by the vintner.  When you open a bottle, you can experience the ever-changing flavors as the wine opens up. This brand-new electric aerator offers superior results and serves as the perfect wine dispenser for every occasion.

Makes pouring a glass of wine the most fun you’ve had all day!!

This powerful multi-pump system infuses oxygen into your wine as its pumped through a special magnetic field to enhance the oxidation process.  End result…a perfectly aerated glass of wine guaranteed every time!  Through its LED lit window, you can even watch the air and wine come together as it flows from the bottle into and your glass! 

Our Smart Wine Power Aerator is the perfect counter top wine dispenser and a great way to add flair to any party.  With the push of a button, it provides aeration to a whole bottle or single glass in just a few seconds. No lifting, No Aiming, No Holding, No Spilling, it's that easy to use.



  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Powerful multi-pump system infuses oxygen
  • LED lit window shows wine and air mix
  • Long lasting lithium battery good for 80 bottles of wine
  • USB recharging (cable supplied)
  • Extra food-grade silicone tubing supplied
  • One-touch button for simple start/stop operation
  • Easy to clean…just pump fresh water through the system
  • 3-in-1 oxygenated, red light, magnetic wine aerating
  • Automatic dispenser and pourer
  • Long working time: support decanting up to 60 bottles after full charged

Package Includes :

1 x KCASA Electric Wine Decanter
2 x KCASA Food Grade Catheters
1 x KCASA USB Data Cable
1 x KCASA Velvet Bag
1 x KCASA English User Manual


***Grab One For Yourself Today and Enjoy Instant Aeration!***