Silicone Ice Maker Large Round Sphere Mold

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Introducing the Ice Ball Maker Silicone 3D Big Large Round Sphere High Ball Ice Shape Cube Mold Tray for Whiskey and cocktails., the perfect addition to your barware collection. This innovative mold tray is designed to create large, round ice balls that will keep your drinks colder for longer periods of time, without diluting them with excess water.

The Ice Ball Maker features a unique Perfect Buckles Design, consisting of 6 balls, that ensures each side of the mold is sealed correctly to prevent any leakage. This design also ensures that you can create a complete, large ice sphere with ease. The quick opening buckle adds convenience to the process, making it easy to open the lid and access your perfectly formed ice spheres. There are two types a 6 round mold or a 3 square and 3 round mold.

Filling the mold tray is made simple with the provided funnel and easy-to-access filling port located on the top of the tray. This eliminates the need for additional tools and allows you to directly inject water into the mold without any spillage. The transparent white lid lets you easily see the amount of water you have poured and prevents any liquid from splashing out during the filling process.

Made of Platinum Silicon, these ice cube trays are both soft and durable. The high-quality material is highly elastic, ensuring the tray remains in shape even after multiple uses. The thickened silicone adds durability, ensuring that the tray is not easily damaged. Additionally, it is BPA-free and safe to use.

One of the best features of this ice ball maker is the quick release and slow ice melting capabilities. Simply open the buckles and press lightly to release the perfectly formed ice balls with ease. The 2-inch large-diameter ice balls have a slow melting time, reducing the temperature of the wine or other drinks, and ensuring that the drink remains cool without becoming diluted.

In conclusion, the Ice Ball Maker Silicone 3D Big Large Round Sphere High Ball Ice Shape Cube Mold Tray for Whiskey or coktails, is a must-have addition to any barware collection. With its unique Perfect Buckles Design, easy-to-fill port, soft and durable Platinum Silicon material, and quick release and slow ice melting capabilities, this ice ball maker is the perfect way to elevate your drinking experience.