Portable Electric Mini Vacuum Sealer (includes 5 bags)

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All you need is this food vacuum sealing machine to resist heat and air! Whether it is used for cooking or storage, it will greatly increase the service life and quality of your favorite dish

    Main Features

    • [Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer] Our portable electric vacuum sealing machine is a one-key switch button, which is convenient and quick to use, and it only takes 8 to 12 seconds to vacuum.

    • [Keep Food Fresh] The enhanced zipper vacuum seal pocket can prevent leakage, block moisture and oxygen to prolong the freshness and lock the flavor and nutrients, helping to increase the freshness of the food to 5 times longer.

    • [Food Safety And BPA-free] Reusable vacuum food storage bags are high-quality food-safe materials without BPA, which can be used for meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, grains, nut snacks, and sandwiches.

    • [Multifunctional Use] Vacuum sealed bags can also be used to protect precious photos and valuable documents, keep charts, maps and matches safe and dry when boating or camping, and pack cosmetics to prevent overflow and prevent jewelry from discoloration.

    • [Reusable And Storage] The special vacuum bag is made of PE/PA material, which is very durable and can be reused at least 30 to 50 times. It is safe for microwave ovens and freezers.

    • [High-quality Material] The sealing machine is made of ABS, MS, TPU, and silicone. ABS material is the best material for the vacuum sealing machine, which is heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant, low-temperature resistant, and dimensionally stable.

    Using Methods

    • 1. Put fresh meat, fish, beans, vegetables, fruits, medicines, peppers, chicken, cookies, dry food, and other foods into specially designed plastic vacuum freezer bags, which can be reused more than 30 to 50 times.
    • 2. Unzip the zipper.
    • 3. Place the bag flat on the counter and make sure that there is no food above the maximum filling line or below the air valve.
    • 4. Press the tip of the vacuum sealer flat on the air valve.
    • 5. Press the "ON" button to purge the air in the bag.


    • ABS, MS, TPU, and silicone.
    Product Weight
    • 604G
    Product Size
    (L x W x H)
    • 8.6 × 3.2 × 2.4IN
    Package Contents
    • Portable Vacuum Sealer × 1
    • Vacuum Sealed Bag × 5
    Power Supply 6 AA batteries(Not included!!!) or AC adapter


    • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.
    • Batteries are not included in the product. Please bring your own.