Manual Breast Feeding Pump

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The 150ml Manual Breast Feeding Pump is a convenient and efficient tool designed to make breast milk expression easier and more comfortable. This manual pump is made of high-quality, food-grade silicone and polypropylene (PP) materials that are BPA-free, ensuring that your breast milk is safe and free from harmful chemicals. The pump features a soft, flexible silicone breast shield that provides gentle stimulation and is comfortable to use.

This manual breast pump is easy to use, requiring no electricity or batteries. Simply use the easy-grip handle to gently squeeze and release, creating a gentle suction that draws milk from your breast. The pump can be adjusted to your preferred level of suction and pressure, making it ideal for use during different stages of lactation.

The pump comes with a 150ml milk bottle that is made of BPA-free PP material, making it durable and safe for storing your expressed milk. The bottle is also equipped with a nipple function, making it easy to switch from pumping to feeding without transferring your milk to a different container. The nipple function also makes it easier to feed your baby when you are away from home, as you can simply attach the bottle to the pump and feed directly from it.

In conclusion, the 150ml Manual Breast Feeding Pump is a must-have tool for all breastfeeding mothers. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for home or on-the-go use. The BPA-free materials ensure that your breast milk is safe and free from harmful chemicals, while the adjustable suction and pressure options provide the comfort and control you need for a successful breastfeeding experience.