Baby Neck Pillow

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Make traveling safe for your child with a helpful and comfortable neck support pillow!

Our neck pillow is specially designed to cradle your baby’s head and neck in just the right position when sleepingMaking sure your child's head is supported correctly by distributing pressure evenly. Don't be surprised if they stop crying!

Provides Maximum Protection for your Baby’s Head and Neck!

The Lavish Baby™ Neck Pillow provides comfort and protection for your babies head! Keep your baby safe from slumping its head in the car or stroller. Our pillow keeps the head supported to provide maximum protection!


Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

As all parents know, the baby’s first months are crucial for later development and health. One of the most common problems with newborns is flat head syndrome. Some babies develop flat spots after birth because they spend a great deal of time in positions that put pressure on the skull, like in a crib or car seat.
 Prevent or alleviate flat spots by cradling your baby’s head so that it doesn’t lie completely flat.

Special U-Shape Design Protects Baby’s Head While Sleeping!

The U-Shape design of the neck pillow allows your baby to comfortable sit in a car seat or stroller! The pillow cradles your babies head so it can sleep comfortably and safe. The Lavish Baby™ Neck Pillow prevents your baby from slumping its head down or sideways. 

Recommended Age (0-36 Months)

Made of Soft and Breathable Material That Is Very Comfortable

 The Lavish Baby™ Neck Pillow is made of a soft fabric filled inside with a soft cushion made of 100% cotton and polyester perfect for your baby!

The material is very breathable allowing your baby to sleep comfortable and longer. Our pillow is also machine washable just in case of spit-ups!

Safety Policy

Our Baby Support Pillow is ideal for the stroller. It also offers great support in the crib ONLY IF the baby is supervised - any object in a crib is a suffocation risk if left unsupervised.
If you are using it in your car seat we recommend you double-check with your car seat manufacturer. 
Jamelly Shop takes no responsibility for the misuse of the Baby Support Pillow, please supervise your child at all times while using the pillow



“I’ve recommended Lavish Baby® to clients with babies suffering from slumping and to prevent flattening of the soft bones of the skull. It’s safe and sturdy but comfy for a small baby. I’ve even taken to using one in the clinic as it keeps babies snug during their osteopathic sessions.”- Kate Bernstein, Pediatric Osteopath
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