Ink-Free Thermal Mini Printer

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Introducing the EQUITPER Bluetooth Printer, a compact and versatile device that is perfect for printing documents, homework, test papers, and more. This printer is designed to be both portable and convenient, making it ideal for use in the office or at home.

The EQUITPER Bluetooth Printer uses thermal printing technology to create high-quality prints that are free from ink. With a resolution of 300dpi, this printer is capable of producing sharp and clear images that are perfect for printing text, graphics, and even photos. It needs special Thermal Printing Paper (210mm * 297mm) for it to print.

This printer is also incredibly easy to use. It connects to your device via Bluetooth and can be controlled using the EQUITPER app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to customize your prints, adjust the print settings, and even monitor the printer's status from your smartphone or tablet.

The EQUITPER Bluetooth Printer is also incredibly versatile when it comes to print media. It uses special thermal paper, which is readily available and inexpensive. This makes it perfect for printing documents, notes, and homework assignments, as well as test papers and other types of academic materials.

Another great feature of the EQUITPER Bluetooth Printer is its portability. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. This printer is perfect for students who need to print assignments on the go, or for professionals who need to print documents while traveling.

In summary, the EQUITPER Bluetooth Printer is a versatile and convenient device that is perfect for printing documents, homework, test papers, and more. With its high-resolution printing capabilities, easy-to-use app, and affordable thermal paper, this printer is a must-have for anyone who needs to print on the go.

 A box of 200 sheets of A4 printer quick-drying paper Thermal printing paper 210mm * 297mm Sold Separately for £60 for 200 sheets