Digital Water Quality Tester

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The Digital Water Quality Tester TDS EC Meter is a multifunctional tool designed to test the purity and temperature of water. This compact device is easy to use and provides accurate readings for a range of applications including water purifiers, swimming pools, laboratories in waterworks, CDC, aquaculture farms, hospitals, and households.

The LCD screen displays data in an easy-to-read format, making it simple to record and store readings. The TDS meter is used to test the purity of filtered water quality and check the performance of your water filter. It measures Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water, which refers to the concentration of dissolved particles including minerals, salts, and metals. The meter also measures the Electrical Conductivity (EC) of water, which is a measure of the ability of water to conduct an electrical current.

The device has a range of 0-9990 ppm, which is ideal for detecting low to high levels of impurities in the water. It also has an automatic temperature compensation function that adjusts the readings according to the water temperature. This feature ensures that the readings are accurate and consistent, regardless of the temperature of the water.

The TDS EC meter has an auto-off function that turns off the device after 5 minutes of non-use, saving battery life. It is powered by a single 3V CR2032 battery (not included), which can last up to 1000 hours of continuous use.

This multifunctional tool has 4 different modes that allow users to switch between TDS, EC, Celsius temperature, and Fahrenheit temperature. The SHIFT key can be used to switch between modes, and double-clicking the SHIFT key allows for a quick switch between TDS and conductivity.

In addition to its TDS and EC functions, this device also has a water level tester that indicates the water level in a container. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used for a range of water-related applications.

Overall, the 3 in 1 TDS EC Meter Temperature Digital LCD Water Testing Pen is an essential tool for anyone who needs to test the purity and temperature of water. Its compact size, accurate readings, and multifunctional capabilities make it a valuable addition to any household or workplace.