4D Magnetic Pulse Vibration Neck Massager

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Do you suffer from pain, a stiff neck or discomfort in your upper back?
Do you often feel like you need a massage to relieve and decompress that area
but you never have the time and money to visit a massage therapist?

You are not alone, almost everyone at some point has suffered from pain in their neck and back. This is a very common problem among both the young and adult populations and it's only getting worse due to demanding work hours and lifestyle.

All of the symptoms that come with tension in your neck affect you in many ways and heavily impact your day, To name a few fatigue, headaches, body aches, bad moods, and overall low performance can all be attributed to strain in your neck and upper back.  It has never been more important we take care of our health and well being. 
Our 4D Smart Neck Massager uses low-frequency TENS pulse principle to simulate real massage impulses down your neck. This effectively relieves muscle tension and soothes away the pain.

The 4D Smart Massager has been been approved by the USA Department of Health and Human Services as well as the FDA to relieve muscle stiffness


 The 4D Smart Neck Massager is perfectly-sized to be your portable masseuse, take it anywhere you want, and use it for deep tissue penetration or pin-point pressure relief anytime.


  • It simulates a real human like massage to help relieve neck soreness, shoulder tiredness, body tension and improves sleep quality
  • It provides relief from chronic neck and shoulder pain
  • Stimulates cell activity and eases muscle pain
  • Produces a magnetic effect that promotes blood flow around the neck and shoulders
  • Relief from stress

This combination is scientifically proven to stimulate a "life-like" human massage. In just fifteen minutes you'll experience more blood flow, endorphin releases, and feel a like a brand new person