Animal Shaped Neck Pillow and Phone Holder

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Animal Shaped Neck Pillow and Phone Holder

Soft Nap Travel Plush Pillow with a Lazy Phone Holder.

This item is both a pillow and a mobile phone holder. It can protect your neck when you are flying in an airplane, train, or car. At the same time, you no longer need to hold your phone your hand.

When you are at home,  you can do housework, cook, or just watch videos on your mobile phone while lying on the sofa or bed without holding the phone in your hand.

It really frees up your hands.

Amazing for on the go and suitable for children and adults. 


  • High-quality hose, strong plasticity, can rotate arbitrarily.

  • Ultra-soft short velvet fabric: skin-friendly, breathable, anti-static, non-fading, non-deformable.

  • New high resilience nanoparticles: free flow after compression, pressure dispersion, good compressive resistance, durability.

  • Comfortable: Strong pressure resistance and durable.

  • Multifunction: 2 in 1 neck pillow and phone holder.

Package Included:

1 neck Pillow